Wednesday, September 17, 2008

News 2 Us

So there is this article that says basically if you vote Republican it's because you are a pussy.

OK you know how Freedom of Speech is like this fundamental right? It seems if you say you don't want to vote for a certain party or certain Presidents are dip shits, you have no freedom of speech on the day your opinion might make a difference.

It looks like the old days of wacking people out on drugs so you can shove a camcorder up their ass are long gone. What will they think of next?

Remember reading about bank closings back in the last Great Depression. The one to be known as the lesser Great Depression? Well now we have predictions that at least 1,000 banks will close IF things don't get any worse... but you know they will because Dumbass and his crew wont call off the Gang Bang til the last Repug is tossed out of Washington.

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