Saturday, August 22, 2009


So we rent out our old house in town. The renter that was living there moved out in August and I found the old building was in need of repair. Part of the roof had blown off, and had been leaking into the house when it rained. The ceilings were ruined in two and a half rooms and the floors in the bathroom, kitchen and the back utility porch needed to be replaced.

Let me tell you, with a more than full time job, doing major repair on a house you are not living in, is TOUGH! Oh yeah I also found many light fixtures were broken or missing, the yard was out of control and needed a major tree removal and I needed a new garage door. Yeah... maybe I should have sold it rather than rent... NAH.. it still makes great return on the initial investment, way more than I would get if the money was in a bank... and WAYYYY more than I got from Edward Jones last year when I gave them $8,000 and they told me I had $4,500 left. Woohooo!

Oh well, luckily I was told the other day I need to take more vacation time or face a stern talking to from somebody that can be really scary. So I took off Friday and next Monday and now I am ALMOST finished!! WOOT!! I have new floors in the kitchen and bathroom and will put a new floor on the back porch soon. The lights are fixed or replaced and we have a new garage door. I have cleaned up most of the yard, there is a little that needs to be done and I think I have the tree things figured out (I hope) so there is light at the end of the tunnel and the house should be back on the rental market next week. THAT is a load off my mind dude. $600 a month lost income PLUS all the repair bills have been a bit of a stressor.

OK If I were to start a service like Twitter, but only for perv thoughts and dirty talk; Could I call it Clitter?

OK now that I tried to impress you with my handy abilities on the house repair, let me tell you that after a full day of laying tile I am covered from head to tow in floor glue. It clings to my leg hair and will not let go! I have bald spots on places of my body that are not the top of my head! And lemme tell ya due, you squat on a floor covered in glue all day with tile and body parts end up getting glued to each other and how THAT happened I'll never know! Honest!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Dallas Invasion

So here I am in my last day in Big D. Thos of you that follow me on Facebook have seen the pictures. We went out last night for a cutting edge night of adventure, that ended up as a shopping trip to Wal Mart and dinner at a Mexican Restaurant. In a mood of defiance I Texaned up and ordered a manly Mango frozen Margarita with the meal, and then another.

When we returned to the Gaylord Texan I wandered over to the Margarita bar with a couple of my people and had two more MANLY mango frozen margaritas. Sufficiently calmed down from my hideous shopping foray by booze and pre-season Cowboy football I went back to the room to be reminded of a fact I keep forgetting.

I DO NOT do tequila well.

Not well at all.

Hope the neighbors are forgiving.

Oh, on my way back to the room I walked past a stuffed longhorn cow I MIGHT have somehow become convinced MIGHT have been Bevo and I MIGHT have thought it would be a good idea to go cow tipping... but you know how memories get all fuzzy over time? Right?

Monday, August 10, 2009

OK So I Am Not Really Back

The truth is, I can't seem to get back into the groove. Maybe I am too busy being an adult. Maybe I am too busy with the new job or the family or any of the other things that take time. Maybe I am lazy. The fact is, I don't feel compelled to blog.

I know what you are thinking, "Oh great, yet another blog about not blogging! No wonder I quit reading this loser!" And I kind of agree with you.

The odd thing is there are many times in the day I think of things I really want to share with you. Last night I worked on replacing a floor in my rent house until late. Then I spent another hour peeling glue off my hairy ass. It was like a redneck wax job... Out of desperation I finally shaved bald spots on each knee because the glue was in patches of hair too thick to pull out.

But I didn't.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I'm BAAAAAACK!! ...mabe

OK OK OK in case you did not know I have been away because I spent over $1000 since February on a different ISP only to find out they were not a reputable company. Last Week Mrs. Cris got a 3G wireless (cell phone) card. Then we wondered of there were routers made for those things and KABAM! I am back.

Tonight the boy and I hooked up the new system and we are back in business. EXCEPT it turns out Verizon has a bandwidth limit like Wildblue. Soooooo I think I should go crazy and watch all the porn that I have been missing over the past few MONTHS and if Verizon can't keep up they can have their freakin card back.

If THAT happens we have to decide of we want to go back to the old system we had but were not happy with back at the first of the year.

OK enough bitching about the wilds of remotest Oklahoma. I can say I missed you. I did! But... not as much as I thought I might. I had a post in mind about Jr's Garden, our new kitten, the fire pit plans, my new hardwood floors and marble tile hearth, good friends, and a few other topics... which includes my potable of choice lately... a mixture I call my fruity gay drink.

OK OK OK you have drug it out of me. My fruity gay drink is a blender of ice, a packet of sugar free cherry limeade kool-aid, one cup of rum of vodka and water. No sugar, no carbs, no calories (except for the liquor) and one refreshing way to get "faced."