Monday, April 13, 2009

The Senior and the Freshman

She was three when he was born. Filled with excitement at the prospect of her very own baby brudder. From the moment we brought him home, he was all hers. She nurtured him, she pandered to him, she spoiled him as much or more than his own mother. He was HER baby brudder and he was all she ever wanted.

As he grew and struggled in school she was there for him every night. Patiently going over his homework. Explaining the intricacies of elementary school in a way that no adult could ever understand. In middle school she coached him in how to dance, how to talk to girls and she approved his "sexy walk."

In less than a month she will begin her final year of high school. In less than a month he will begin his first year of high school. Together again, the big sister and baby brudder that have never really been separated, despite the gap in ages, schools, or friends. They are each others best buddy and share a bond I will never know. I love them both and I know they love me, but they have a love, a concern, a closeness that I will never have, and I know they will share it forever.

So next year, when she assumes her traditional role of the Senior that initiates the incoming Freshman class, I know she will be gentle and loving as she oversees the swirlies, the tossing in trash cans and stuffing in lockers. She might walk among him and his little friends with the strut and confidence of a full grown upperclassman, but I have total confidence she will not try to intimidate her baby brudder whom she loves so much. That's the love between a big sister and a little brother.


Avitable said...

She's older than him? In the picture, they look about the same age or even the opposite.

My sister's lucky I graduated high school right before she started, because I would have tortured the hell out of her.

Cris said...

Yep she is 17 and the braces that were supposed to be off by the beginning of this school year, then Christmas have been set back for another 7 weeks.

He is 14. He is the tellest person in the house. I don't think he undertands what family he belongs to as he towers over us and brags on changing lightbulbs without needing to stand on a chair.

Oh and as to her being a physical threat to her baby brother... well, she scares the hell out of all of us dude! We all live in fear.