Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Unsophisticated TV

My Aunt once told me the compulsion to line things up in a rank and file was a characteristic of siciopaths and mass murderers. Of course she is also the woman who told her three children to draw and color a tree. Her two sons drew and colored trees like you would see outside in the bleak winter. Bare shrunken trunks devoid of any fresh life. Looking old, gnarled and uninviting. Then her daughter, the youngest child drew a full bodied tree, so full of life it was too big to fit on the paper. It was full of abundent life and promises of fun times for the adventurous willing to climb or peaceful promises for those that want to lie back and enjoy the shade. My Aunt framed those pictures and kept them in her dining room. When the kids left the room she would say it was a representation of sex drive and she was concerned about her little girl.

ANYhooo tonight my son demands that I name the best show on TV. This is not a problem since I have been saying it for sometime. But maybe, just maybe I should put forth the final answer for best of TV viewing.

10. Supernatural
9. Bones
8. Hereos
7. House
6. Phych
5. Fringe
4. Burn Notice
3. Deadliest Catch
2. Reaper
1. Chuck

My system is simple. If I had to choose which show I could watch if I could only watch one, I would pick Chuck over all the others, then Reaper and so on and so on. The sad part is, Reaper is a damn good show that will never see another season. Oh and granted, if the bottom half fell off of TV I would hardly even care, which speaks as to how freakin bad TV shows have become in our lifetime.


Nina said...

I love that Bush Sucks still lands as a label!

I cannot imagine that many TV shows! I am more of a movie and booze girl.

ReaperDMV said...

No, don't give up on Reaper yet! It's my favoorite show (I can't watch on Mon nites so no Chuck) and some of us are banding together at reaperdmv.com to talk about the show, get people to vote in polls, write to the CW, and sign petitions!

Yeah it's silly, but it's fun.

Anonymous said...

I think people generally overestimate the quality of shows in the past, mostly because we are more likely to remember the better shows. Some of the best shows ever have aired this decade.

Obviously tastes vary, but here are a few that I think many would choose:

The Sopranos
The West Wing

And I know a bunch of people that would include:


And I hear about a bunch of other shows on cable networks that I haven't gotten around to checking out. A couple that come to mind are:

Burn Notice

Sure, there are a lot more shows these days, so there are bound to be more bad shows as well, but I think many of today's shows would hold up well if you tried to re-watch some of the old favorites in comparison.

Cris said...

Nina: And THAT'S why I love you!

Reaper: I need to check it out when I have time... but I don't because I can't score hot movie and booze chicks so I watch a lot of TV

Ren: CSI ranks right up there with Gunsmoke in my book. Shows I could only watch if they were recorded and then played back in fast forward.