Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I am not stupid. I don't think I will ever be the guy that knows he is the brightest person in the room, not by any means. But I am not stupid. What I am, is undisciplined. I lack the strength of perseverance for the everyday and the mundane.

Maybe that makes me a product of my time. The generation that formed with giant corporations investing millions and millions of dollars to get my attention. As a kid growing up, I was clearly defenseless for the flashy, slick productions that vied for my notice. Taking the good old path of least resistance, I am a product of my time.

Now take into consideration Nathaniel Hawthorne is a really big deal, not because he was a great writer. I never thought he was that interesting. But he was one of the first people in the early days of the white occupation of this nation that had enough leisure time that he could write stories for his and other people's amusement.

We went from that to games to physical activity to Television to cable TV to video games and VCRs and DVDs and Wii and Holy crap how am I supposed to pay enough attention to the things I have to do when it takes all of my concentration to focus on what I want to do?!!

SO again, I will say I am not stupid. I am a product of my time. I see the teaching of Francis Bacon and I know his scientific method is an easy to use, highly effective way to plot actions and make recordable improvements. But I also know I lack the discipline to actually follow all of those mundane steps. (I also suspect this is why I sucked at algebra) I will have every intention to record how much rain is in the rain gauge every day... but I wont actually get around to doing it. I will have every intention of filing away the proof of purchase of things I buy so I can collect a warranty if they fail, but I never get around to it. I have every intention of recording each expense and bill I accrue as I go through my business life, but there are always those few big ticket items that I miss because I lack the basic bone in my head that provides discipline.

And it is that discipline that separate the men from the boys. It is that attention to detail, taking that little bit of time to do what you know needs to be done that makes leaders not followers, that makes managers not workers, that makes success not failure.

I mention all of this to you because people keep asking me how I am doing with my Apple Cider Vinegar Pills. And the sad truth is, I keep forgetting to take them! I take the one in the morning, and then forget the other two. I have had many great suggestions. And I know I should follow through with them but....

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