Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Guest Post

Good Evening.......

I am delighted you could join me as I try to do as much damage as possible on this blog. My name is Downadup Cornflicker and I am a worm. Yes that's right! I am THE worm you heard about. I sent out my minions to scurry ahead of me with the whisper campaign of fear. Clornflicker is coming! Cornflicker is coming! Cornflicker is coming on April Fool's Day to destroy all the computers!!

I am the fear you feel in the dark of night when you walk away from your darkened monitor. I will steal your connection to the world away from you, and you will never know it. I am like Ninja, only binary. I am like the raging grass fire that consumes the prairie and can not be stopped. I AM Cornflicker!!

I have destroyed over 3 million computers worldwide and I haven't even been released yet! Yes, I am THAT bad ass worm.

So scurry around like cockroaches and try to find protection and firewalls for your pathetic computing devices. A am the mighty worm that will eat through your best defenses! I am kryptonite to your OS, I am Kevin Fedderlane to your PC Brittany. I am the monster you fear to dream about, I am WORM!

You want to try to stop me? Do you? Well, do you punk? Ha! I spit in you general direction, and considering what real worms eat, that even grosses ME out! You can try this, or this or even that. It will not save you. I am as unstoppable as rap music and slutty chicks with Daddy issues.

Mark your calendar. Take note for this day in history is the day a Worm rules the word!

OH and I would like to thank Cris for allowing me this chance to guest post. I think Opprobrious rocks and Cris kicks ass, so this was like a dream come true. As for me, I hope to host Saturday Night Live in a week or so, during May Sweeps. Be sure to check me out, the show should be awesome! I understand we might even get U2 for the musical guest! I LOVE them! In fact, I can't recommend enough that you down load the latest album... if your computer still works! HAHAHAHAHAHA

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