Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Heat is ON

Mrs. Cris took the little furry dog for a haircut again. Usually the lil fella is so please he got pampered and trimmed and is so relieved he has lost all those pounds of fur and can see, hat he bounces all over the place in joy. Today he scooted to the front edge of the porch where he was hiding from the heat.

How hot was it? Well at one point I got in may can and noticed I couldn't touch anything! Not the steering wheel, not the center consol, not the dash. My on board temp reading was 114 degrees. The banks downtown said it was 107. In the peek heat I decided to walk a block over to a store. I was at the office doing some weekend work and thought the walk would do me good. The trip over was slightly downhill. The trip back was slightly uphill. I had no trouble going to the store but thought I might not make it back! It was HOT!

Hey did anybody else see the gay cell phone commercial? I mean I look up and see these guys that are so gay they make the Village People look understated. I am shocked at the marketing strategy. I was so shocked I keep asking why would they feature guy people?

Now we have a fairly non judgemental house. While I doubt if anybody is really successful, we try to not push prejudice onto our children... except towards lazy stupid people that refuse to work or think about financial responsibility. ...but I feel that is our job as parents, show them the real harms and dangers of life and hope they never see barriers like color, race, sex or orientation.

But these guys selling cell phones were like WAY gay! I mean gayer than Jack on Will and Grace gay! "So what's wrong with featuring gay people?" my son asks me.

"The message they are giving is it is a gay phone service," I explain. "That commercial is airing here in Oklahoma! Once that image sticks to the phone how many kids in your school would be cool if that was your cell phone service? Do you want to be the kid in school with the gay cell phone carrier?" The adds are bold and unapologetic about gay... to the point it's kind of "We're here, we're queer: Get used to it." That will not play well in the reddest state in Oklahoma. From a strict marketing view it is near corporate suicide to air that commercial in Oklahoma.

Good news... I bet there will be a few job opening as a result of that commercial. Bad news... you know the jobs wont be in Oklahoma.

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Pam said...

First thought, Is there a steering wheel in a Can?