Friday, July 9, 2010

My New Summer Fruity Gay Drink

So I think I found the perfect summertime drink for me. It is easy, tasty and will knock you on your butt. Did I mention it was cheap too?

Go to Wal-Mart (or where ever) and get box of those individual flavor packets for bottled water called Raspberry Ice. It is sugar free and there is like 12 drink mixes in it for $2. Then take thee to yon spirits store and purchase a bottle of Blackhart Rum. OK the type of rum might not matter but this bottle was $10.99 with a $10 rebate(...sure wish I hadn't lost that rebate ticket) AND it has a sexy one eyes pirate chick on the label!

So you mix the flavor packet with a glass of water and a shot glass full of rum and ice that bad boy down. No special bar tricks, no bottle twirling, no mad mixing skills. Trust me, you will like what you get even if it IS kind of an iced down fruity gay drink for the summer.

No carbs, no sugars, and no problems. YOU. ARE. WELCOME.

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