Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Positive Future Ahead

OK OK OK so I tried to post a blog post everyday and then decided to take a little time off. Is a year really all that much time? I mean really? In that year I have tried to devote myself to learning my new job duties. A task I still feel I am not equipped to handle. The issues that popped up was there was not enough time in a normal 8-10 hour work day to get everything done and in spite of all efforts to beef up my internet abilities here at home... my service grew less and less. Yes I blame Bush. In the end I had to let something go, and to my great distress that something had to be you.

There are so many things I wanted... NEEDED to share with you since I know you are the only one who really understands me dear unnamed faceless reader who stopped checking this blog site six months ago. What things you ask?

Did I mention my daughter went ahead and graduated from High School?!! Despite all my protests she turned 18, graduated from school and will leave me in a six short weeks for the life of an adult. AN ADULT!! I am not ready for that! I am no where near grown up and mature enough to handle that kind of change! AND WORSE that would leave me home alone with the wife and the boy and no sanity buffer!

Did I mention I sent my son off to an ex-stream survivor camp we call call Camp PeePaw? Yes he was to spend a month living the Spartan lifestyle my father lives and in which I was raised. No TV, no video games, no friends, just work and more work and when you finish you can talk about all the work you aren't doing but should if you were man enough but you never will be. HA THAT will hold him! That will make him into the tough lean mean working machine I grew into as a man. The boy left for the month's adventure the day my daughter graduated high school.

Did I mention I went to an old drinking buddy's house for Memorial day and decided to show a bunch of 17 year olds the PROPER way to play volleyball? On the first ball that came to me I was text book in everything I did to make the perfect set... right up until I hyper-extended my knee. On the first freakin ball!!! Yes I realized with the sickening thought I might vomit on the volleyball field and at the same time I realized that I might be too fat and too old to play volleyball anymore.

Did I mention about one week leter I got a call from my father who said my son had been working fantastic around the old farm. He was driving tractors, and shoveling feed and working on machinery and then he busted up his knee one morning while trying to put on his pants after he showered. Naturally I thought they were taunting me and my now famed athletic ability. So after the grandfatherly scolding I got for calling my son's "injury" bullshit, I had to drive across state to bring him home for the local doctors to look over. We were one pathetic site. He was on crutches and I could barely walk. I refused crutches or a cane but my damn leg tried to buckle under me with every step. Another month has gone by and his knee has bounced back with the vitality of youth... I still hobble around like a fat old man who needs to be put out to pasture.... or put out of his misery so he wont suffer any longer.

Did I mention I will be 48 in a couple of weeks? Part of me thinks 50 is still a long ways off and part of me thinks I will never live that long. My blood sugar has been real high and we have been trying to bring it under control by changing up my meds. I really think stress is the main cause but I am back to induction level low carbs because it is effecting my vision and possibly even my breathing. We are closer but the sugar level still bounces all over the chart and not the steady 100 mark I want. I know, I know, you think "So big freakin deal if you turn 50. Lots of people turn 50 every day and you are only as young as you feel. It aint the end of the world just because you turn 50."

Did I mention I turn 50 in 2012? Do you suppose THAT was what the Mayans had in mind when they stopped adding dates to the stone calendar? Is it possible all of the cataclysmic events I just described are foreshadowing the end of my world? Oh great, just when I might get real DSL the end of the world would have to happen. Aint that just my luck?


Avitable said...

Sounds like it's been a crazy summer already. And the world's totally going to end, probably right on your 50th birthday.

Cris said...

thank you for the words of encouragement

Marcus said...
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Marcus said...


if you are starting do post again, I really need to get off my butt and work on my blog....


Cris said...

Haha You know I always start writing when I am on staycation. If this year is as busy as last year there is no way I will be able to post more often. Unless I have a heart attack due to stress and can't work... but that's really just a pipe dream I have been having lately.