Monday, July 21, 2008

About That Question

OK so I can't stop thinking about this. It really pisses me off. This morning the Wall Street Journal has an article about the Freddie / Frannie Mac banking crisis. They claim the people who caused this crisis are Democrats like Chris Dodd and Barney Frank! You know the Repugs have always tried this crap in election years. They tried to take credit for the Clinton era of balanced budget, they tried to blame the initial G.W. Bush recession on Clinton, they even tried to blame the Iraq war on Clinton for not asassinating Bin Laden prior to 9-11!

Today the WSJ is claiming that not only are Dodd and Frank the ones who called for all the deregulation of banks, but are now acting like terrorists and making demands of the poor, hard working Bush administration. Those cold hearted Democrat bastards are saying if the banks are bailed out with tax money then there should be extra money that is spent on community block grants.

Those money grubbing bastards! After lining their pockets as... eh... Senators in the minority party, they now expect to line their pockets with pork that will only benefit every state that has suffered from Bush cuts to federal programs like rebuilding Levies, flood water dams, roads, schools, hospitals, housing, mental health, and aid to mothers with children. Damn those evil Democrats and their stupid desire to invest in America when we could be fighting a war that has no purpose and that our own army as well as the occupied nation's government wants us to withdraw from ASAP.

You know my job is part of a federal block grant. Like most states, we do not have enough money to meet the needs. IN this state that has high levels of addiction problems, which like a ripple in still waters, will radiate out and affect the entire surrounding environment. In this state where there are so many people that are out of control with substance abuse, we lead the nation for putting people in prison. Most are there because of drugs. As prisons were privatized under the old Republican Governor Frank Keating, we seem to have more and more prison beds for the next druggie that comes along while a hefty chunk of change goes into corporate pockets.

Yet what these people need is treatment. They need in-patient treatment for 6 months to a year so they can gain the skills needed to get in control of their lives. Currently, while there are plenty of prison beds awaiting the next druggie, there is a waiting list for treatment beds. A waiting list that averages 900 standing in line, hoping to get the help that may save their lives, and provide positive support for their family for the next generation. 900 people that are not in control of their lives waiting for help that will not come because of budget cuts. 900 people that will most likely end up in prison because the help was not there when they needed it. 900 people whose children will grow up with the stigma of a parent in prison, rather than a parent in recovery. 900 people with children who are genetically designed to model the behavior of their parents. And when those 900 people get processed, there are 900 more already lined up and needing treatment. And this is how just ONE of the Federal Block Grant cuts have effected ONE state out of 50.

Do you suppose the Wall Street Journal might be, oh I don't know..... BIASED? Kind of makes you wonder who their general readership is mostly made of, maybe, ...oh I don't know... Bankers?

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Cris said...

So the new chick in the office looks over my blog this morning and says... Isn't it supposed to be Fannie May and Freddie Mac? At which point Y2Kette does a lil victory dance and starts taunting "BooYah! Not was smart as you thought, now, are you fat boy?"

I suspect she might be ungrounded in time for her graduation.