Monday, July 21, 2008

The Gayest Place on Earth

So a couple of weeks ago I was told I need to go to Palm Springs for a training. OK, who doesn't want to visit Death Valley in July, right? Then I am told we have a surplus in a grant that needs to be spent or we lose it. I suggest taking Y2Kette to Palm Spring with me. The school would pay her way, pay her Per Diem (like $150 a day!) and pay her registration for the training.

Can you believe I got resistance on this suggestion?!! Can you believe some people in the college took issue with me wanting to take MY daughter on an all expense paid trip to Hollywood's Playground? Some thought it was me being greedy and trying to bilk the school and even a tax supported grant by slipping her into a trip.

But here are the facts. Y2Kette has been a part of every youth activity my office has participated in for the past 6 years. She has been in all the youth groups, gone to state conventions, giving up time with friends, and performed almost every tobacco vendor check we have done in the last two years. Plus she is just now finishing a two month summer internship where she was doing the work of a much higher paid professional and doing it damn well. In fact, we would not have had most of our youth participation if it was not for Y2Kette dragging her friends and classmates to the meetings with her. So yeah, as far as youth leadership goes, she is the best we have.

So we leave next week. It will be her first airplane ride. We are going to try to get her a private room, if the hotel is not already full. The room will have to be close to mine... not gunna allow any drunken sex parties with those darn kids and their rock and roll music, you understand. She will participate in the youth leadership track and the new girl and I will do the more boring professional line of classes. We agree her classes look way more interesting than ours. Some kids have all the luck, great trips, her own car, the coolest dad ever, and now Palm Springs. And do you know the main claim to fame of today's Desert Resort?

Let's just say it ain't your father's Palm Springs any more. Check out the LGBT stats. Yes, Palm Springs, once famed party town for horny drunken chicks is now the gayest place on Earth.


Avitable said...

I'm not sure that I would have ever considered Palm Springs to be the party capital of anything. It's more about spas and massages and relaxing by the pool. And now, apparently, being gay while you do it!

Cris said...

Wow from what I have read in the past, I thought Palm Springs was the West Cost Ft Lauderdale. I thought Joe Francis had a permanent booby camera monitoring the whole town. See what happens when you lead a sheltered life? You grow old hoping to find topless, drunken, horny, hot chicks in every town you visit.

p.s. I am going to continue hoping to find that too, it's all that gets me out of bed in the mornings.