Wednesday, July 30, 2008


So there we were, just the two of us. New Co-Worker was bereft with guilt at having ignored her children all the time she was fighting with the airlines, airport, concierge, FAA and FEMA over her lost luggage. Now all was right with the word and she felt her heartstrings pulled towards her little ankle biters.

So Y2Kette and I got to have a little Daddy/Daughter date. We went down to the concierge again and asked about restaurants. We looked over the list and as out-of-towners, we had no idea what they meant or how far they were from this remote golf resort. Then I saw it. The perfect item on the list, a must have for every little girl on a night out. We went to the Cheesecake Factory!!

We have been trying to have a nice meal out at night and we kind of made a rule to try something new. So Y2Kette ordered the Orange Chicken, thinking it would be some exotic French cuisine, only to be served Chinese food. I ordered a Sheppard's Pie, thinking it would be encrusted like a pot pie. It was mashed potatoes over chipped beef. But the good news is the cheese cake was like 80% off!! So we said we would like to order about 8 pieces of cheese cake and were promptly told to fuck off. Seems there is a limit of one slice per person. Fuckers. Y2Kette had the Oreo cheesecake and I have the carrot cake cheesecake. mmmmmmmm I love me some carrot cake.

Then we wandered over to Borders where I bought an old Stephen King book I read about five years ago. Yes it was on clearance. Shut up! Y2Kette appeared with an arm load of book and then wanted a bookmark and $45 later we order the other half of our $50 cab ride. Total cost for the evening around $150 but hopefully the memories will be priceless. Expensive fucking California cabs.


Avitable said...

I love the Cheesecake Factory.

Cris said...

I had only been to one once before while at a conference in Boston. But this was a chance to do something with my little girl and I thought it was only a short cab ride away... not two towns. But we had fun and that's what really matters!