Sunday, July 20, 2008

Quick Question

I was just reading how the banking crisis may be avoided by the Government using tax money to bail out the lending institutions. The problem I see is, it was the lending institutions that asked for all the deregulations that led to this mess. So, why bail out the banks and not the home owners? What about the majority of taxpayers who scrimp and save and strive to live within their means. Which means saying no to bling it seems everybody else has? Are we rewarding greed and bad decision making at the expense of those who work and save?

I just don't understand how this is conservative fiscal responsibility. So the new American philosophy is spend what you don't have and pass the bill on to the losers that actually pay their debts. Wonderful.


Pam said...

I think you misspelled need an "o". I like the new format.....pious, come for the bolt of lightning.


Cris said...

Pam: uh.... No I don't think so. It all looks good to me.

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kilax said...

I am trying to figure this out too. I don't understand the whole mortgage process, but it sounds like a lot of people are getting screwed who don't deserve it.

Cris said...

Yeah why can't we have unfettered banks. Let the foreign banks step in and take over the nation's money like they did the textiles and steel and technical support industries. If current bankers can't cut it in the market place because they got exactly what they asked for, why should tax payers bail them out when there are more intelligent and dependable bankers waiting in the wings to fill the void.

Let's face it, this is a debacle that can't be blamed on unions or Government interference. Those regulations were there to prevent another depression and those assholes DEMANDED they were eliminated. They went after bad loans like college dudes after a drunk chick. They knew it was wrong and now they act like they just woke up with a painful itch on the naughty parts,and want us to make it all better. It aint right.

Cris said...
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