Monday, July 28, 2008

Calm Springs It Aint!!!

I know I know according to your records I missed a day of blog posting. I know, I know I am a failure. Well, come here, no really come here, lean real close to the screen because I want to whisper this in real small letters...


See we got up this morning around 5:00 a.m. We showered, drank coffee and left in a frenzy because we needed to meet a co-worker along the way to the airport. We got to Tulsa International just fine, whipped into the private parking garage, abandoned the car was shuttled to the boarding gate, got our ticket, sailed through security and went to a gate only half way down the terminal, as opposed to all the way at the end, as usual. Then we waited and waited and waited. We needed to flight to Dallas because evidently Tulsa International only connects to Dallas, Denver and Atlanta. Fuckers!

So we wait and wait and finally they start boarding the plane. Then they stop. Then they say there is a problem with the engine. It should take an hour. NO PROBLEM!! We had a two hour layover in Dallas, so we will grab an early lunch there at the airport and just keep on traveling.

Only after lunch we found out the flight was delayed about hour and a half IF THEN. So now we have a problem, plus we already wasted a freakin hour. The lines to the service desk are way down the hall and nobody is getting much help. In desperation the airlines starts sending people out handing out cards for the 1-800 Service center. We call them because, lets face it, my back could not stand the strain from standing in that line. So I call and I am given three unattractive options. We pick the one that switched airlines, sends us to LA and then hops us to Palm Springs. We should arrive around 11:30 p.m. The plane leaves Tulsa in 5 hours.

So we visit and play and end up wasting time planning what we might do, but didn't really have time, so we walked out the front of the airport and back to the United ticket booth to start this adventure from the beginning. Only United refused to even talk to us. They said American Air was supposed to confirm, the flight was overbooked and we were screwed. And I can take my pissy attitude down the hall to the American Ticket counter. Fuckers!

So I go to American and start off the conversation with the claim I have a problem, I understand they did not cause it, but they will still need to call the manager. Then I told the situation. There was a good deal of finger pointing but the end result was Y2Kette and I got upgraded to first class tickets! I had told the kid I wanted to take her to some really nice restaurants while here in town. She thought I meant tonight, and refused to eat on the plane. A first class meal and she turned up her freakin nose!!! So now we have been traveling nearly 20 hours for a total of 4 hours in the air. We have eaten two meals at airports and one at the hotel room service. Yes, $30 for a hamburger.

It is so late because once we touch down, miracles happen. Y2Kette and I both have all our luggage. The co-worker... not so much. All her clothes and the office laptop computer were packed away in that bag. We waited and waited and waited before finally taking our $60 cab ride to the hotel.

If you seem to notice a recurring theme about money here... What? Like you don't know who you are reading! Sheesh!

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