Saturday, July 19, 2008


Welcome to the new Y2K Survivor Blog. If you just found me from the old digs or you just found me, you are still welcome. I just made the move after about 18 months on what a few guys like this one, and this one and this one and this one... ok pretty much all of them on the blog roll... said I need to get a real blog.

So to be honest this is my third attempt. I did not like the looks of the others, but this one, I think I can work with. So I am excited to try this little experiment in self gratification.... eh publishing.

I started Y2K Survivor on AOL Journals back in October/November 2006 as a way to introduce my daughter into a new format of writing. Only I got to where I enjoyed creating this stream of thoughts, or thoughtlessness. So, after about the first year I have made an attempt to post every day. I hope you save me to your favorite list and come back. Maybe we can have some fun together.


Nina said...

Thank goodness you moved!

Lisa said...

For all that some people are afraid that google will take over the world.....

I DO like their blogware. If I can do it.. you know it's fairly idiot proof.

Glad you made the move.

Lisa said...

Oh.. you're gonna need to turn on comment approval.. or you will eventually get comment spammed. trust me, I know. Go and do it NOW!!

kilax said...

Yay! You made the switch. :)

Y2K Survivor said...

Nina: I think this mught actually work out.

Lisa: It was way easier and looks more like I want than Wordpress. And with that said I will change the comment approval as soon as I can find the function.

Kilax: Well... you kind of dared me to do it.

Avitable said...

I don't recommend comment moderation. You already have the word verification, and that should be sufficient. I hate blogs that have comment moderation.

I'm glad you finally made the switch, but what happened with the Wordpress one? I was ready to help you with that!

Nina said...

Where's the Content Warning thingy?

Should I have something like that?

Cris said...

Adam: I think you are right. I saw that there was a password thing to prevent Spam last night as I was going to bed. I went back and it should be changed now.

Nina: It is in the Email settings I think. To be honest, I was all in that program yesterday trying to find out how it works.

Lisa said...

To each their own on comment moderation. I have it enabled on mine because I have no use for those people who think that they can use my blog for forwarding their own agenda.

99% of comments get approved.. it's the 1% who are jerks that don't.

The one that really got to me was the idiot who blasted me for having a certain surgery without reading my blog for the whole story. Am I a little sensitive on the subject? You betcha!!

I hope the word verification is sufficient for Y2K's needs.. it wasn't for mine.

Hate my blog if you will... I don't care. It's my party and I'll whine if I want too.. lol

Avitable said...

The problem with comment moderation is that it gives the impression, even if it's not true, that you are censoring people. By allowing comments openly, you'll avoid that impression, and you can always delete comments later on if you find them offensive. True, it's your blog, but if you don't want people of differing opinions to comment, just turn comments off completely. Comment moderation just gives a bad impression for a blog.

Cris said...

Yeah I am hoping I can get enough people to read that when some ass-hat attacks me just to prove he/she is an ass-hat.... you guys will feel free to neuter them.

Yup, pretty bold talk for a fat boy hiding behind a computer, huh?