Tuesday, July 29, 2008


So I guess you heard about the disaster. Here I am all the way across the country, without any real support system and a natural disaster, an act of God's frustration with the really high gay population of the area (if you follow the nut cases) and we have a major earthquake. It was horrific . Traffic snarled for miles and miles on the freeways. Somewhere in town a guy in a Toyota Green Car Hybrid was watching the traffic lights sway to the point he accidentally drove through a huge store window. I am pretty sure there were blood curdling screams and mothers grabbed their children to their warm comforting bosoms.

I never saw any of that, and while it probably did happen, I am not aware that it ever happened around here in Palm Springs. No, in fact I was in a conference class that was DAMN interesting about neurobiology when my cell phone went crazy and I got like a half dozen urgent text messages from the home office. I go to my room, take care of business and go back downstairs towards the end of the conference, just before noon. Evidently, in the time it took for me to walk the rat's maze of hallways to get the elevator and thus to the conference room, we hadda whole lotta shakin going on! I am standing around, actually braced against a pillar as I start to bend and stretch out my back, even a small walk gets me hurting, but I feel I am getting better. (Thanks for asking) When the hotel staff come in and are staring at the crystal chandeliers. That's when they tell us we just had an earthquake. A pretty big one. And I freakin missed it!!

They point out the shaking glass on the chandeliers and mention how the building is built on rollers so it will sway when the Earth shakes. Soon all kinds of conference skippers file in the hallways and start their tales of survival. Some say the window shutters shook, some say the whole floor swayed under their feet, some even claimed stuff was rattled off tables. Again, I was clueless. Not even a hint of Spidey sense to enable my survival. Zip. Zilch. Nothing. I mean I was as flat lined as if watching gay porn. (with dudes... chicks are different) So, there I am waiting for Y2Kette to emerge from the session with the new co-worker so I can tell them how they survived the horrifying ordeal they probably never knew happened, like I had no clue, right? Only they ran out of the room laughing and glowing with the joy of having escaped with their lives, or enjoyed a good carnival ride. THEY KNEW!!

"So, did you know we had an Earthquake?" I ask them.

"Yeah!" Y2Kette beamed at me. "We were talking about brain physiology and the room shook and we heard this loud roar and New Co-worker yelled 'It's a Bomb!' and started to dive under the table. But then somebody from California said it was just an Earthquake. That was a good class. Where did you go?"

So as the dust slowly settles and we find some type of refuge in the still standing parts of the Palm Springs Renaissance Esmeralda Resort and Spa, we will find the courage to carry on, to rebuild and maybe, one day, with the grace of God, we will be able to put this terrible day behind us. But I suspect it will take A LOT of flex time from the office and maybe a few days sailing. On good old solid Oklahoma lakes.


Thomas said...

That's a mighty cool looking little sailboat pictured on your blog sidebar! What are the specs on the craft? I'm glad Oklahoma has some sailboats, we got the wind!

Cris said...

It's a little 13 foot dagger board "Dolphin" that actually belongs to a friend. My boat is a 22 foot South Coast Cabin Cruiser. I will probably put it out on a pylon on Lake Oolagah. A guy I go to Church with has a 26 foot Hunter up there in a slip and sails every weekend. I need to learn SO much, and these guys have been sailing for years.

However, a few buddies and I keep talking about putting it on Okmulgee Lake without the sails, just as a camper for a weekend. It's such a pretty little lake in the early morning.

Thomas said...

Wow, that is kayak size!

Usually I see sailing only on Lake Hefner (constant gale force wind) and Lake Eufaula (a gi-normous lake), but you are right Okmulgee Lake is lovely.