Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bedtime Story

So there I was, a pubescent fantasy come true. Two hot chicks in the middle of the night come to my hotel room and crawl into bed with me. For the next two hours we had a great time, a time that will be remembered for years.

OK Turns out Y2Kette forgot to pack the cords for the DVD player. Co-Worker's luggage still hasn't showed up and they wanted to watch 27 Dresses. So I offer the laptop, which has a pretty good sized screen but the speakers are real weak. So we all three huddle side by side at the foot of my bed (Y2Kette in the middle) as we strain to hear the tale of the always a bridesmaid never a bride Catherine Heigel flick. I gotta tell ya dude, I had to shift and move and stretch a few times. Lying like that really strains an old man's back.

Once the movie was over and the lights were back on, I noticed the giant 50 inch flat screen TV that is in the room has a box that will accept monitor cables for the laptop. At this point Co-Worker points out there cables in the drawer of the witting desk. Yup, you guessed it. We suffered all scrunched in front of that little screen, straining to hear when a huge TV was available. DUH!

A dude at the conference without luggage has said he started telling American Airlines they would have to buy him a set of clothes for each day he was without luggage at the conference. If we don't get a suitcase by tomorrow, neither Y2Kette OR Co-worker will have any clothes. That's gunna make for a LONGGGGGG plane ride home. AWKWARDDDDDDDD

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