Monday, December 8, 2008

And Just Like That, It Was Over

The final credits rolled. Sure it was predictable, sure it was hokey, sure it lacked realism... but that was kind of the point. After all day of facing reality and bills and deadlines. Being told by others what I am allowed to do or not to do... facing a world filled with injustice and nobody left to fight for the good and the right. The last thing I wanted was realism! I needed to see the little guy win in a corporate controlled America. We needed hope.

And then there was Boston Legal. From Shatner's growl of "Denny Crain" to Spader's well written rants against the windmills of today's society, I loved Boston Legal. I loved the total embrace of all things Repuglican by Mad Cow Denny. I loved the inexplicable fixation on 200 year old Murphey Brown. I loved the hop, skip and purr of Jerry Espinsen. I loved it all.

And what's more, my kids loved it. For years my daughter has said her real love in life is "Denny Crain!" My son, who only seems to watch Asian based cartoons, will turn off a video game to come watch Boston Legal with his parents. Even my wife will leave her TV-less sanctuary in the Living room to join us in the den so she can watch, laugh and eventually fall asleep while watching Boston Legal.

Tonight it aired the final show. The last episode we wanted to see, but could never miss. Denny and Alan ended up, as always, with drinks and cigars in hand on the balcony celebrating the best TV bromantic comedy. And then, just like that, the show was over.

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