Friday, December 12, 2008


Serious as cancer man. That's the old saying to denote you mean business. As serious as cancer! Sure for a brief time it was a heart attack, but come on, people get heart attacks all the time on TV and survive. ... but cancer? That's serious!

A few years ago the local Health Departments started telling us that our little girls should have HPV shot. Some kind of a cootchie bug or virus that gives chicks Hoo-Hoo Cancer. But come on dude, what are the real chances anybody I know is going to get cancer of the naughty parts? Right?

Well ok, so I tend to err on the side of caution. Even though the local bible thumpers were saying if I let my itty bitty 12 year old get a HPV shot I was giving her the thumbs up to wild multi partnered sex sex sex. On the other hand, reason tells me she is her mother's daughter and probably has very little interest in THAT topic!

But what the hell, we took her to the Health Department because the shots were free and she took her three rounds of medicine and not once did the nurses tell her that her Hoopty-Do was open for business. And I appreciate that parental support I get from the abortion mongering public health people.

But not everybody is that lucky. I have heard of three people this year that did not get the shot and now have cancer way down there. One of a beloved Opprobrious commenter. Another is a community partner and the third, we just learned, is the sister of my daughter's best friend.

Look I am not preaching and I know this is not Save the Va-Jay-Jay month, but really.. if you have little girls go get the HPV shot before they become sexually active. There is a bug out there that is killing people or destroying the future we all hoped would happen to the children we love. So in closing, don't be an asshole! Take your little girls down to the local Health Department and get the free freakin shots. It's that simple.


Dani said...

You don't have to be promiscuous to get HPV, my husband's first wife had it and he passed it on to me. I had several painful/scary medical procedures and almost had to have a hysterectomy at 23 after only having one child. Protect your daughters...get the shot!

Avitable said...

I've also heard plenty of arguments against the shot, too.

Cris said...

From what I hear right now, about 50% of all people in this country carry the virus. Them odds are not good when you are talking about doing something everybody in the whole freakin world (except wives) really like to do.