Thursday, December 11, 2008

Big Day

So it's been a big day towards the end of a big week. I finally was hired for the job I have been doing since July, so the pay will start with the new year. Yeah... don't think about the uncompensated effort, move forward and work to build a better program every day. It should be fun. I should be excited. But in truth, I am tired and a bit stressed with the added responsibility. I guess it's all part of growing up, even when you are pushing 50.

I got in tonight and ate dinner, watched a bit of Bears/Saints then logged on at half time. I checked the work Email and saw one of Boards I sit on needed help. I emailed my apology for being away and not able to pitch in, then I called the agency and talked to the director. She said they were just finishing and there was no need for me to come down. "...but tomorrow starts early, see ya then!"

I have been working on a community program for about 6 months and I think it is about to blow up due to divisive factions within the community. I was appointed, voted, sacrificed Chairman of the committee last week. I think I will suggest scuttling the program, return the seed money and we all go home. I hope the group will come together for the common good. Ifg they do not and they choose to not walk away, I will demand we move back the time line, drop each of the competing factions from the steering committee and allow each of them to submit a full proposal, with budget, work plan, goals and mission statement ... along with a sustainability plan.

At that point we should ask the funders to sit in on a selection committee and plan for a real program next fall. As far as plans go, it sucks ass, but when community partners decide to work against each other rather than for the common good you end up with something sucky. And the main problem here is, I am way too nice of a guy to want to force this issue.... but we have some bad plans that will get kids hurt, or create a liability problem that could leave MY ass hanging out in the wind. I guess if you put me at risk by asking me to accept responsibility, I can't afford to be a nice guy.

You know what...? I don't use enough sick days! That's my problem, I should call in sick way more often!!

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