Sunday, December 21, 2008

Out Late Saturday Night

Look an my buddy had a birthday. There were steaks eaten, alcohol drank and cards played. We had a good time and not once did I think about getting home to post this blog before midnight. Is THAT so wrong?

Please check out our Tee-Shirt Store on the sidebar. Yes it is well past time to Save the Va-Jay-Jays or Save the Hooters, but it is never too late to catch Ball Lickingman Fever! I also added a seasonal Tee-Shirt for the Holidays.

Now of you will scuzzze me, I need to go to bed. My family has been asked to light the Advent Candle. I don't know what it means and it could result in a some ugly Presbyterian hazing before the day is ended. In spite of all that I am still looking forward to tomorrow because my Cousins are coming home for the day with all of their little kids and we get to open presents!!!

Last year, my Uncle got each of his grandchildren, down to age one, Official Red Rider B.B. gun air rifles. Just like in a Christmas Story... only his son the attorney has 5 children and his daughter the designer has three. I had SO MUCH FUN watching somebody else be in big trouble!

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