Sunday, December 14, 2008

Buttoned Inn

The first ice storm of the season is here. Clinking and tinkling on the metal cover of our chimney. I have my supply of seasoned firewood covered and dry in our new wood shed. We have the freezers stocked with food and I have about 4 large 2 liter bottles of Fresca.

I feel like Lt. Dan from Forrest Gump defying God to give me his best shot. "Is THAT all you have?!!"

I don't know why there is still, even at my advancing age, a level of excitement and energy as a winter storm blows into town. My son is bouncing off the walls, filled with the prospect of a 3, 4 or maybe even a 5 day weekend of snow days. I have to admit I am just as bad. Not that I feel that way about work, sheeesh I worked all weekend on the computer from home. No, if work needs to be done, I can't seem to keep away, but still its exciting.

And ok... maybe I WOULD like to sleep in late, under a big pile of covers and lounge around the house as long as possible. I love winter lounging where you can blame complete and total laziness on the weather. Oh yeah... the weather dude just said during the break from the Giants/Cowboys football game... We are having THUNDER SLEET!! COOL!!

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