Sunday, December 28, 2008

No Gamblin Man

OK I have always said I do not like to gamble. So for the past two days I have been ass deep in No Limit Texas Hold 'Em tournaments. Dad came for his Holiday visit, where he restrained himself from the casino on Christmas night, but we played two tournaments on Boxing Day. Then today we played another tournament and then spent what seemed like several hours in a cash game.

I went because my Dad likes to play poker and he doesn't have anybody to go play with him. I don't like to gamble and technically I never did. Dad paid for everything, even the buy in for the cash game. Then all I had to do was play cards. All of the games we were in allowed "re-buys." I never went for a re-buy. I was also never a real threat to anybody. I can play cards, I am probably an average card player, but I am no where near the league of a good card players.

So I did ok for never studying the game. Maybe too good. Dad now wants me to start going to local tournaments every weekend so I can hone my skill and we can make a real team. But... I don't like to gamble. And... I don't think I want to change the way I feel about it. As it is, I am willing to go with my Dad and play cards. I would play cards with just about anybody, and have always enjoyed a good game, of any kind. Only, I choose not to gamble, because all things considered, I don't like it.

I have always heard you should never gamble what you can't afford to lose. As a tight-ass bastard in good standing, I have NEVER felt I could afford to lose a freakin thing! EVER!

So there you have it. My long weekend of gambling debauchery has come to an end and I remain as always, too cheap to enjoy myself.

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