Sunday, December 28, 2008

Bush Legacy

So the news feeder I read has been talking about the Bush legacy and how the Bush camp has been claiming old Dubya is NOT the worst President that ever sat in the White House. It is unimaginable that there can be ANY excuse, spin or party loyalty that can save this disaster of the past eight years.

Now that all of the politicking and party games have ended, anybody with a brain knows this loser was bad for America and bad for the world. Facts can be found here, here and here. Oh sure we could go out and find more, but why? The guy rode to power by berating others and starting false rumor campaigns. He manipulated the American people by playing to their faith and then he failed to fulfill their promises.

But Google News is reporting that after Laura saw the world has labeled her semi sobered up figurehead as a bigger loser than his Daddy, she set the dogs loose. And by dogs, I mean none other than the master manipulator Karl Rove.

So now for some fun. How would YOU spin this to say that Bush was a national hero and not a total clusterputz?

"He showed the world that absolute corporate deregulation creates the ultimate economic parity." In other words, we are all broke.

"He forged a stronger bond with an emerging Chinese nation that resulted in the largest global economic shift in history." They now own us.

"He redefined civil rights around the world." Removed habeas corpus and endorsed torture.

"He was a modern day Robin Hood. He took from the wealthy welfare recipients and gave to the poor corporate welfare recipients.

He redefined Texas Oilman

ok ok what have you got? How would YOU play Karl Rove and spin that mess?

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