Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Making the Grade

So I go check out this lazy fucker over here, and he is all about "Oooh! Look how freakin cool I am because people like ME and not Cris because I am all cool and he isn't! So he does a reading test and finds out his blog is written on an elementary school level. HAHAHA I took the same test and came out WAY more literate. Which had me feeling pretty good until I clicked his link to see how much this amazing blog is worth.


Do you realize how much more time I spend on this blog than I do my marriage? Hey that might explain my love life!

Your Blog is worth $0.00 It is a total loser

OK OK you are just going to have to trust me here. It said my readers are WAYYYYYY smarter than Avitable's readers because THEY read on a college (post grad) level. But HIS readers are only on an Elementary reading level. And I have to say I agree! I read his stuff everyday so I should know!

Oh yeah, and the link he sent me to seems to be some kind of CIA tracking device that will pop up on your screen and waterboard your Explorer programs.... so I deleted it because one of Myyyyy S M A R T readers figured out old Avitable was about to get us all tossed in Gitmo!


Lisa said...

Found this at Mental Floss:

"Update - Readability Test Authors Embedding Advertising

Thanks to a post on Digital Inspiration, it’s now clear that the Reading Level test is embedding an advertising link (to “cash advance loans”) in the HTML code that shows the badge on your web site. Be careful! If you use their HTML embed code, I’d recommend removing the link to the ad at the bottom."

Keep in mind, readability does not equal good content.

I'm highly skeptical of the test because they don't reveal their methods.

Cris said...

point taken. thank you... If I understand you corrctly you are saying my blog is really PRICELESS and way more literater than other Blogs.... right? That IS what you are saying, isn't it?