Tuesday, December 30, 2008


So yesterday I am in the computer room banging away at the spelling errors on my blog and my son is in the back room playing on the new Wii, when I see a firetruck drive by the house. This might not be unusal in your neck of the woods, but you see, it is WAY uncommon in my neck of the backwoods! So I go to the front porch and look around. I see no fire. I look to the East and see no fire. I look to the west and see no fire. I sniff the four winds and smell no fire. Out of duty, more than concern, I go to the back door to repeat the process and see the world is a-balze! The 400 aces of grassland behind my house on fire and the steady south winds were blowing it right at me!

Actually, that's probably what I would have seen if I had looked outside about 15 minutes earlier. As it was, about 100 acres had burned up, the local fire department had shown up, put out the fire and were driving around soaking the smoldering reminents. SO, while it was not really an adventure, it still left me a bit weak in the knees to realize my son and I might have been burned alive while deeply entranced in one form of electronic video gizmo or another. This was a real threat to life, family, home and security and do you realize that Redneck Diva never once did the descent thing and offered to help or even warn us of the impending disaster. Sorry Diva, Oklahoma Bloggers just don't support arsonists.

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