Thursday, December 18, 2008


OK I don't have much here. I was in a meeting today when one of the sweetest, funniest chicks I work with got all misty over her best buddy. Seems her BFF took another job and was greatly missed. This sweet, wonderful woman could get very frustrated in dealing with the total headache that is the social services game and at times of high stress, this chick, who seemed so sweet sugar wouldn't melt in her mouth, would scream "Fuckadoodle!"

Now I am consumed with curiosity. What does it mean? Is it like "Cluster fuck?" You know, where all about you is suddenly so screwed up there is no way to save the day. Or, is it just a general curse word you scream when frustrated, like "Shoot, Nuts, or kah-kah?"

Then parts of my twisted mind start picturing some type of Pixar animated character named Fuckadoodle. He looks a lot like that chicken in Rockadoodle, only with a 1970s porn mustache. Then my eyes roll back into my head and I am in nirvana brain candyland as I hear Quentin Tarantino-esque old drive-in movie teasers with the over modulated sound crackling through the metal speakers handing from your car window. (You probably had to be born prior to 1970 to know what the hell I am talking about there)

Roll the 70s porn, B movie, action flick music.

Announcer: ON the farm life is all about the birds and bees.

Scene: Chicken pulling a big worm out of the ground (erotic look)

Announcer: But farm survival is all about the survival of the fittest. And the baddest Cock on the walk is about to strut his stuff

SCENE: A Henhouse with pretty white chickens in shelf like, straw filled nests.

The announcer: When Fuckadoodle is around all the chicks are laying.

SCENE: Hens have excited looks as they lay eggs and flee the nest. (Slo-Mo shot of falling egg would be good)

End music with classic 1970s want-ta want-ta wow sound.

Scene with rolling credits: Fuckadoodle strutting around the hen house yard


Avitable said...

Hahaha - that's genius!

D-USA said...

Your Blog Worth just went up $10 for mentioning Porn!

Cris said...

Adam: Thank you thank you

D: I better sell out now while the market is still up!!