Saturday, March 14, 2009

Anti-People Magazine

OK we used to get People Magazine. You could read about pretty people living exotic lives on a level that was never realistic but fueled your fantasy life of one day making it big time like Elmer Fudd. Who, as we all know, owns a mansion and a yacht.

But People magazine has turned into a weekly publication that has two topics. American Idol (which I don't watch) and dieters. My first response at this realization is, "Why the FUCK am I paying for this crap when I don't want to know about either one of those subjects?!!" My next thought was not admiration for people who torture themselves to loose weight for public attention, but the fact that statistically, they are almost certain to gain it all back in 2 - 5 years because 95% of all diet and exercise plans fail. The Mag now seems to feature people, who might as well be cartoons, because of they are not famous and have a great rack I am NOT going to remember their names. And then it shows their struggle with weight and how they are trying to lose, then a year or so later they will show how they gained it all back or died. Holy Crap that is depressing and I do NOT want to have to see that every week!

But then I got to thinking. Hey! I'm a big time publisher with a monster blog that has hundreds of readers, if you keep counting the same two over and over for a really long time. I could create my own feature of people, who are really no more than cartoons, that overcome real health weight issues for the better... I could even make it a charity! Cris's Kids!

So I would like to tell you about my little friend Nyondo. See NY (as I have come to call him) was a poor product of ethnic cleansing in the Tanzania war zones. Pushed from refugee camp to refugee camp little Nyondo grew more and more frail. Finally when our Cris's Kids Rescue Team found him he was literally stick thin. For only a few dollars a day we were able to provide Nyondo with the basics grains and dairy product to sustain life via a few Hot pockets. It is because of people that care, like you, that children like Nyondo and all other Tanzanian War refugees mights have hope of a future.

Please Help us help Nyondo and thousands of other starving little kids just like him with your Email pledge of $50, $200 or $30 Billion dollars a week. With your great heart and generous spirit you may be able to claim in a few years that American Job Outsourcing to Tanzania sweat shops might never have been possible if you hadn't stepped in to save a little boy like Nyondo.

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