Sunday, March 8, 2009

Randon Sunday Thoughts

So they are predicting storms in Oklahoma tomorrow. You know what that means...? Somebody's gunna lose a trailer house!

Redneck Diva
tells me she has Dish Network's Wildblue Satellite as an Internet Service Provider (ISP). She tells me they charge twice as much for the service which sucks ass. She said as soon as the wins blow and the clouds roll in the ISP is long gone. Of course she told me all this AFTER I signed the freakin 2 year contract. Please send all hate mail and Dish Network related litigation to Oh yeah, and if you don't see a post from me tomorrow you should assume that either my ISP got knocked out by the storm or Redneck Diva kicked dropped by and kicked my ass for the "litigation" remark.

Oh each year at spring we have a small ant invasion. Nasty little buggers that keep popping up in one room after another. I poisoned them out of my bedroom and the kitchen, so they are popping up in the guest room. Terro is a very good poison. Raid and others have been completely ineffective. I also found out a few years ago from a local old timer that spraying Diesel Fuel around the parameter of your home as a weedkiller will also apparently run the ants off. I know, I know, this is bad for the environment and totally irresponsible! Pour fuel out on the group to seep into the ground water systems is WAY worse than using poison. In spite of this knowledge, I know it does work on the little "piss ants" as they are called around here. But I didn't do it this year because Terro is cheaper than diesel.


whall said...

It's expensive but we pay ABC Pest and Lawn to come out every qtr and give is a good sprayin'. Without them, we'd have ants, scorpions, spiders, silverfish roaches, you name it.

We're a double-wide sitting free and clear on 3+ acres and no neighbors. Our home is a haven for bugs so it's worth the money.

Redneck Diva said...

I won't kick your a** but I will put in a call to Gary England and better put an extra bungee cord or two on that trailer of yours. I, however, will be in my 'fraidy hole, laughing maniacally.

WildBlue sux. I'd switch to another company, but I fear that my location out here in the boondocks means that no satellite signal can overpower the apparent redneck bubble of confusion over my house.

Cris said...

Whall: I have always aspired to be a do it yourself guy. The only instance I have had any success is in my sex life... but I keep trying! I should follow your advice and hire a professional. uh... exterminator I mean.

Diva: I gotta fraidy hole too! You can't be a REAL Okie without a fraidy hole and a bad ISP.