Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Still Green

OK I have been wondering today if I need a different group of friends. Here is it St. Patrick's day. The day of drunken revelry for all Celtic people and worked all day and talked work all night. I never had a green drink nor even corn beef and cabbage. There is just something wrong about that, when you consider how this holiday excites me every year... but we NEVER do anything.

My son was telling tales tonight. My visiting brother in law had the boy sharing stories and one was about one day when we were working in the yard. Jr claims I took a break, went over the porch where he had brought me an icy cold lemonade. He claims I looked at the glass full of yellow refreshment, so cold the glass was soaked in sweat, and then I looked at the dog happily thumping it's tail next to the glass. The boy swears I poured the drink out on the ground out of concern the dog might have marked it's territory on my glass and wizzed in the drink.

No I have no memory of that incident. So am I paranoid? Am I cautious? Do I have a son who tells a good story? Would YOU have drank from the glass?

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