Thursday, March 5, 2009

Not Complaining About Work

OK I decided some time last summer I don't want to the be blog that complains about how hard I am working and how busy its been lately. Nope, I don't want to be that guy anymore than I wanted to be the guy who kept complaining about Bush. I guess we can still hope I will not be the guy complaining about work.

I have put in some long hours. The other day I was so brain dead when I got in that I couldn't even think of how to write so I looked for ANY video to post because somehow I can't seem to keep from feeling I HAVE to post every day or I lose. ... eh... not that I am competitive.

In fact, I have kind of walked around in a stupor, to the point I was looking dully at my rows of medicine tonight and wondering if I have been accidentally taking my muscle relaxer. The world may never know the answer to that one! But it has been a long two weeks of early mornings and late nights. And no matter how focused you think you are, you can't keep your eye on the ball if the lids keep drooping down.

So this morning I show up for my Doctor's appointment. I got up about two hours before the appointment so I could stretch out my back muscles. I went in, they called me fat, and the appointment was on! When I was settling up my bill with the nurses one of them saw the flyer the doctor had given me for one of the medicines.

"Did he tell you to try that too?" she asked me. "He told me to try it so I am splitting it with a co-worker. We will see if it works, I guess"

We were talking about a dietary supplement that is supposed to suppress appetite and speed up your metabolism, and it is made from Apple Cider Vinegar. I was just happy he didn't tell me I had to drink the liquid (He did suggest that might help too) but they make it in a pill. "So how many pills will you guys have to take?" I asked. "A lot of these things make you take several pills a day."

The nurses looked at me calculatingly and said that was right. They had assumed it would be one pill a day. So I pointed out the flyer said there was 360 pills for a four month supply. "Well then!" said the head nurse (which it turns out she WILL NOT do what the title implies... at least not for my HMO) "That means you have to take at least two pills a day!"

I noticed she did not finish the mental calculation. My brain whirled and spun and I ... and I... I.. decided if she didn't care enough to do the math in her head I was not going to try.

Then tonight, about 12 hours later, my mind suddenly went 20+20+20=60 and three one hundreds... That's three pills a day! Ha! And I looked around to room so I could brag about my amazing mental math skills that only took me 12 hours to riddle out, and realized I was all alone.

And so I decided to post today in spite of feeling tired.

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