Saturday, March 28, 2009

Great White Hope

So in Eastern Oklahoma we don't get much snow. Every few years we hear of big snowstorms out in the Western part of the state and there was one year where I actually lived through one or two of them. But now that I am over here on the Eastern side, snow is a mythical, fairy dust, like substance that you read about but never see.

With the greatest ever winter snow storm predicted to befall us, here in the early part of Spring, I said no snow would reach us. I woke this morning to the sound of rain and the news that out around Laverne, Oklahoma, where we used to live, there was 25 inches of snow. So much snow in fact that a nursing home, a school house and some other building had the roofs cave in from the weight of all the snow.

At my house there was nothing. I talked to my Dad, I talked to old friends and nothing came this way but rain. I heard it was in Oklahoma City, I heard it was just down the road in Creek County. Here there was nothing.

Then suddenly, in spite of all my grousing and denial it began to fall. Big wet flakes that stuck to the sides of poles. White fluffy snow blanketed my front yard in, as close to a white out, as this part of the country will ever see. Snow piled up on the cars and in the yard. The trees, in full bloom of spring bent heavy from the clinging wet flakes. It was magical and it was beautiful.

But since we were in a real snowstorm we did what people should do. We all teamed up and cleaned the house since all outside activities seemed to be off the table. Hours later, with a sparkling clean house, my Dad calls to tell me that out West, where he lives, the snow plows have the the snow tossed up along the highways as tall as his Chevy truck. So I stepped outside to join right in this friendly little pissing contest, only to see all of our snow had already melted!

See, told you we wouldn't get snow.


everyWEAR Designs said...

The snow out there has been simply insane!

Cris said...

And its hard to believe its not even winter. I believe Spring starts March 22, or something like that.