Monday, March 9, 2009

My Secret Identity

So at night, under the cover of darkness when all the innocents are safe asleep in their beds, I cast off this fat boy persona so craftily cultivated to fool the masses. Like a lithe dancer I move on nimble feet at the speed of light. I jump twice my height, and have the power of a God.

Later, when I crawl into bed at night knowing all the women at my club desire me, and all the men wish they were me. I walk among them as a man among children, knowing none of them pose a real threat and they only exist for my amusement. Ha! And my father said I would never get anywhere in life if all I did was sit around and play with myself!

I turned Pro this weekend. I would boast even more but I still need the 14 year old to tell me how to turn on the machine.


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