Monday, March 23, 2009

Phone Phucup

So you know how I got that new Blackberry (they said it was a $500 phone)just so I could keep up with emails and work issues while performing new job duties on the road? Well today was my first day at work with the new machine.

So loaded up man! I took the hands free, a car charger and even a cute little clip on phone holster that will clip on my belt, since the Blackberry case provided has no freakin clip. I mean it dude, I had it all!

About half way to Stillwater, past the point of no return, I realized I had it all except for the actual freakin PHONE!!

Oh yeah. All day long I heard things like, "Well if YOU would have paid for ME to get the Blackberry we would have it right now... because I wouldn't forget it!" Or "You spent all that money and all weekend long learning how to use it.. then forgot it at home?!! LAME DUDE....LAME!"

SO I get home and see I had around 60 work related messages piled up in my text/email accounts. The good news... I am on the road again tomorrow!

God, PLEASE don't let me forget my phone a second day in a row. PLEASE??

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