Monday, March 30, 2009


OK so I am a nerd. Big news flash there, huh? So there I was watching Heroes on TV, and just before the line of thunderstorms swept in and knocked the signa... no actually it was the weatherman that came on and Stopped broadcasting the TV show so they could show off the new radar... anyway just before we missed the final 25 freakin minutes of Heroes, Peter's Mom told Peter, "Unconditional love isn't really love at all."

OK, that's it! I am now playing the bullshit card! That's right timid readers, I am slapping that bad boy down on the card table because I totally disagree with that statement. In fact, I would venture to say that anything LESS than unconditional love is not really love.

Do parents ONLY love the smart, good looking kids? Hell no! My Mom loves me and that'd all the freakin proof you need right there. Right Mom? ... Mom? Mom!

Oh well, she naps a lot lately, especially when I come to visit, so it is best to let her get her rest.

But the thing is, parents love their children whether they are class leaders or class losers. Does a husband stop loving his wife of 30 years because she has a stroke or an accident? Hell No! He stays by her and loves her and then slips off for meaningless sex in the parking lot of strip clubs. If he is lucky it will be with one of the female dancers.

Does a woman love her husband less when, after years of providing he grows older, harder of hearing and develops a "beer" gut? Well, yeah, that probably does happen. Which goes to prove my point. Women are evil.

Wait.. I mean, the only real love is unconditional love. So what if your spouse dumps you and leaves you in poverty while he or she is off screwing the brains out of some younger, hard bodied bimbo or himbo without you? You know they will eventually return to you because love will find a way. Lust led them away but it was true, unconditional love that led them back to you. And the fact that the himbo/bimbo spent all your life's savings and left them broke and in need a place to live is just a coincidence. Honest!

It's kind of like how you love Blogs. I mean if this blog really sucked, you would never even comment on it, right? And there's the thing. Comments in the comment section is like real, unconditional love.


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Nina said...


Sending you the love!

Cris said...

Ahhhhh! I have soooo wanted to bask in the after glow with you. And now, I keep thinking the same thing I think after any intimate encounter....

"thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you"