Sunday, March 22, 2009

Epiphany Sunday

OK I think I understand all the trouble Own Wilson went through here a few months ago. The kids rented the movie, The Wendel Baker Story, staring Own and Luke Wilson. Hell, I wanted to commit suicide less than half way through, and I know it took them weeks to film it. You know, considering this flick and Drillbit Taylor, it seems maybe... just MAYBE... they can't carry a movie on their own.

The daughter and I got back from church and decided to play with my camera while we were ll cleaned up. Turns out the memory card can only hold two pics. I think I need a bigger card.

I decided to pounge around the house this weekend. Recharge batteries, as we have had a lot of company and been working long hours. I realize that lounging puts more of a strain on my back. Holy Crap I hurt today!

That's about all the insight I can handle for one week.

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