Sunday, March 29, 2009

Don't Blog About This, OK?

OMG do people think I go through the day looking for mundane dribble to put on this blog each day? I can't even begin to ell you the number of people at work, friends and even at home that start to tell me things then stop and say, you wont put this on your blog will you?

First of all, I do not report boring shit on this blog. No, it is all totally made-up fiction that bores people on this blog! Most of the times, expect when I am sharing, like now.. except for the part where I said people that read my blog... because you KNOW that's fiction.

...ANYhoo... I want to assure you, the reader, I do not report on the daily lives of people in my life. Sure, I will tell a tale or two about family. Occasionally I share a story that involves a co-worker, but I am not telling you the soap opera, TV Tabloid version of people in my life.

I am telling you all of this so you will know with all certainty that if you choose to email me naked pictures of yourself I will not post them on my blog. Honest! I am not lying!

Unless of course, the story ends up effecting me.

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Cris said...

I swear to you! I had just posted this story when my daughter comes in and tells me a wild story about a dream and forgotten homework. Then from the other room I hear her ask, "That would be funny on your blog, huh?"