Tuesday, February 3, 2009


So my precious little daughter is 16 years old, is about 5 foot one inch tall and weighs a bit over 100 pounds. She has braces on her teeth, glasses on her nose and me as a father. Yeah, she has a lot to overcome in life, and she is HARDLY what you would call intimidating. Except, she is kind of brilliant. I mean academically she is top of her class, she will have completed nearly all of her core college classes by the time she graduates high school and she is very social with a great core group of friends.

But still, she is so tiny I fear her driving because if she were to get hit she is barely large enough legally not to be in a child's car seat and by all reports, if the air bag were to engage, it would break her neck and kill her. I'm telling you, she is T I N Y !!

So as she wades into her Junior year of high school, with her cell phone and car and first part time job, she has picked up the teenager attitude. Now every time any of us (including the house cat) walks by her direction, she puffs out her tiny little chest, arms out, hands pointing down and demands, "Oh! Do you want to go? BizNitch?!"

OK it's funny because she hurts herself just walking through the house. It's funny that she reacts in the same aggressive posture regardless if it is her father, her brother or dogs jumping on her clean clothes. The thing is she says it ALL the time. Too much for me to ignore and now I find myself inclined to use the same phrase. I want to hand a stack of papers to a girl in the office and demand, "Make me some copies, BizNitch!" I want to order my coffee made, BIZZZZnitch!! There are all kinds of hand raising, chest thumping things I could DEEmand around the workplace...

..Except I work with all girls, including my wife... and they kind of scare the hell out of me!

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♥georgie♥ said...

LMAO...be affraid be very affraid!
Love the term BizNitch!