Monday, February 9, 2009

I Take My Leave Of This Place

OK so I have two meetings tomorrow morning, then I have to go to Norman for a three day conference. I was planning on hanging out with some family and getting some cool kid play going, but Mrs. Cris got Whooping Cough and I am considered a carrier for another week or so.

It;s just as well, I tried to do my weekend warrior thing a few days ago. We had a bad toilet in the kid's bathroom. So Jr and I went to McCoy's Lumber, got a new "Toilet to go" and set to work. We pulled the old one, stuck the new one in place and all was well with the world. Then sometime after noon the next day I started feeling pain. Yeah I somehow re-injured my back and have been in a bit of pain ever since. I did take my prescription muscle relaxers last night before bed and they worked as always... they made me feel like a zombie with a bad back the entire next day.

Wednesday some strangers will come by the house and hook us up to EC Blue Satellite Internet. We have been trying to work with wireless, but it just isn't dependable. I call and complain and they make small changes. Finally, after about a year and a half I am fed up and need more reliable service. Also I overheard a disturbing conversation I wanted to share with you before I leave. BUT I think I will have internet connection at the hotel, so I am guessing I can post while living on the road. But more importantly I heard this:

Lil Crissy: Jr? Jr? Where are you? (Open back door) Jr? Are you out here?

Jr: (Muffled sound from outside) Yes I am over here.

Lil Crissy: I was thinking we... What are you...?! Are you peeing off the back porch?!

Jr: ::::::: A sound I could not recognize:::::::::

Lil Crissy: Jr! After you come back in the house and wash your hands.. I'm going to give you a high five!

Yeah, that's the generation we think we can entrust our future with?!


The Favorite Cousin said...

That's so funny! It must be the Spring air inspiring boys everywhere to embrace their freedom and pee themselves silly outside!
Two days ago I noticed a hoard of neighborhood boys playing across the street and you could catch any one of them peeing in their mom's flowerbed periodically through-out the day. BOYS! I remember going CrAzY on Mason for doing that kind-of stuff...but now that I am older and wiser, I realize he can’t help it. He’s a boy. It’s in his genes. I see now I should have acted like you and just politely reminded him to wash his hands when he’s done.

Redneck Diva said...

You let me know that satellite internet thing works out for ya. I loathe ours with the white hot passion of a thousand fiery suns. Speaking of suns, that's the only time you can get on it - when there is sun. Cloudy day? Forget paying those bills or checking your Facebook! We've even banned the word "cloud" from the house because I think it hears us....

So yeah, keep me posted.

♥georgie♥ said...

LMAO...that lil convo is tooo funny!!!!
I own one and he loves to do that pee in weird places thing when there are 2 perfectly good bathrooms at his disposal!

Love it!

gawd your word veri hates me too it's like a kajillion letters long all scrunched up togther

Cris said...

LES: I was not that good parent. I was in the other room acting like I didn't have a clue about what was going on. Like a good Dad will.

Diva: OH that concerns me. You don't know how hard it was for a tightass old Scotsman like me to spend ANOTHER freakin $15 a month for internet service, but the wireless would not stream porn... I mean eh.. videos I need for important work functions.

Georgi: I allowed my Y2K Survivor blog to die a death of Natural Selection (it was on AOL) so that readers could comment. Now you say my anti spam filter is turning away one of my three readers?!! Say it aint so Georgie! Say it aint so!!