Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Nuttin Much

It's been a long day. I have consumed many carbs. I am sure I will be sick as my body can't handle the influx of extra sugar. Life at a conference is tough. Oh yeah, I brought along some books to read. It was the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlain Harris.

I got the series for my daughter but she took too long to read them so I started reading her present without her. But as I read the next to last book it seems there is a gaping hole, like a missed story in there someplace. So I went back and thought I found the book I must have missed. I brought it and the book I was finishing.

Last night, my first night here, I realized it was not a missed story in the series. It was a book I had already read. Grrrrr. So I have one last book in the series waiting for me at home. There is another new book out there, it was released last June. I drove around for about an hour looking for a bookstore and finally found the book at Borders in Norman. It is still at Borders in Norman.

They wanted Twenty-five fucking dollars for that book!! I mean, hey if it was $10 I was going to buy it. If it was $15 I would have bought it and bitched a lot. $20 was a deal breaker and $25 is just re-fucking-diculous for a damn book that has been out for almost a year. I can probably go to the library and read it for free.

OH, also... I have the feeling people around me think I am cheap.


Anonymous said...

I really expected your last sentence to be about the new book you were reading despite the cost.

I do enjoy those Sookie Stackhouse books and am looking forward to the TV version (HBO's "True Blood") coming out on DVD or iTunes or something so I can watch it.

Cris said...

We watched the series this summer on HBO and that is why I bought the books. The books are better, but the actress playing Sookie is hot. So naked hot chick beats the books in my final vote.