Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Stormy Weather

So guess where I had to go on business today? Yeah there I was driving into the mouth of hell as Gary England is yelling on the radio, "Edmond just got blown the fuck away!" OK I might be paraphrasing a bit, but it was exciting driving through Oklahoma City with all of the panic, because in times of tornado touch downs... you can drive as fast as you want! It's awesome. If you are ever pulled over, all you have to say is your four year old kid (or grandkid) is in a metal storage building hiding from the storms and just before the shone lines went dead he said the watermelon sized hail was breaking through the roof!

Come on, admit it! If you were a cop pulling over a distraught parent (or grandparent) with reported hail and tornados and possible death, and there was some poor kid stranded and all alone, you would Soooo let me go back to driving like an asshole. I'm telling you dude, disaster weather is the best!

Oh well, I arrived safe, got checked in and have already been signed up for more work PLUS told I have to resubmit contracts in about two weeks after I get back home. Yup, conferences suck, and this one hasn't even started yet.

I think I might hit the liquor store later.


The Favorite Cousin said...

Glad to hear you made it up here okay! I was wondering about you tonight as we hid down in our tornado shelter...three times. Picture me carrying a three year old, a diaper bag, a flashlight, a weather radio AND a squirmy seven month old baby, up and down storm cellar stairs every time the sirens went off. Screw that "cost of living" argument that makes Oklahoma so "liveable." Tonight...OKLAHOMA SUCKS and my arms are tired!

♥georgie♥ said...

The liquor store...now thats the way to ride out a storm!
Glad your safe!

Cris said...

Fav Cuz: I am glad to see you are OK too. Although it sounded like to the tornado took out the poor part of town where poor people live, so I knew you would be safe. ....any word on your Mom?

Georgie: I never made it. It's like a wasted trip. Here I am all alone in an out of town hotel all by my self and no liquor and no drugged out tranny hooker found on Craigslist personal ads. This trip sucks!