Thursday, February 26, 2009

Not Blogging About my Meal

OK it is my second night in Del City. Funny how these road trips start off with a feeling of Rodney Dangerfield shouting "Hey! We're all gunna get laid!" but end up with me sitting alone in a hotel room blogging about what I had for dinner. Kind of the more pathetic version of Blogography... and as sick as Dave has been this week, it would have to be Uber pathetic!

Oh I looked over last night's post. Holy crap I was exhausted. Now, after a catching up on my sleep in the youth conference (kidding) I can see it was full of mistakes. I wonder of I should correct them or leave them as a testament of my sleepytude. Oh yeah, and the Children's Summit for Mental Health for Oklahoma...? Not one friggin kid at the whole event. Hell I even wore a suit and tie to look more "Mr. Know-it-all" and it turned out half of the people there were my coworkers! Now I look like a suck up for the state department.

I was introduced as a field rep by a lady in the department. I think everybody else would have made the correction and told her they were the Director. I confirmed I was a field worker, and mentally wondered why almost all other Directors would want to distance themselves from the real work? In fact, I hope I can do as much as before while training others to follow the same model. I believe .... oops this isn't about work. I am an entertainment blogger and that means I have to do as other big time bloggers do when they travel.

So after the conference ended today I went out and explored the one side of Del City I did not check out last night. Holy crap I was only a mile off Air Depot Road, which is a strip of restaurants running to the Air Force base here in town. SO I drove by about 20 different Asian food places and stopped at a place called Pelican Seafood and Steaks. It was nice, had a real Jimmy Buffet feel. SO I go in this place specializing in frozen drinks, sea food and steaks and order the blackened chicken and a glass of water. Then I came back to my room and didn't blog about what I ate or my job.

Don't hate me because I am living the life you always dreamed you could have.


aka_Monty said...

you know I'm just down the road apiece in Midwest City, right? :)

Cris said...

You think I would have been sitting all by myself in a hotel room or eating alone if I had known that??

Dad Gumit I was already back home when I got your comment.