Friday, February 6, 2009

Male Bashing

I can't stand a male basher. Foo-Foo bullies who sit back and take pot shops at poor defenseless men simply because they take joy from causing obvious pain. The heartless, self-absorbed wastes on society have no greater thrill than to publicly skewer a male's delicate ego in front of friends, loved ones or even his family.

Take my co-worker for example. Please. I have long contended she is a male basher from way back. She is convinced most men are scum, and she is the mother of two of them. Her poor husband worked all his adult life to provide for the family then worked on the farm to help his parents and still had time to become a local leader in the community. Yet she bitches that he never helps with the laundry.

OK I don't want to point fingers here or name names, but Mrs. Cris is not above the CONSTANT male basharama. Oh yeah, after the hours and hours that you, faithful reader, can tell I pour into searching the internet, writing and rewriting stories and creating one-of-a-kind works of art, PLUS holding down a semi full time job (state worker) she has the nerve to complain about where my dirty laundry is deposited at the end of the day. Me! Oh yeah! I know! It shocks me too!

OK then there are the mundane everyday occurrences that happen to undermine men. I can't tell you the times I have been working on an event, laboring to make things as perfect as possible, only to have my co-worker push me aside in disgust while growling, "You're such a man!"

Sure I am embarrassed and ashamed. I have been pushed aside and replaced by one who thinks they are better than me simply because I am a man?!! Where else on society do you ever hear about this being acceptable behavior? AND to make matters worse I buy into the whole concept and further perpetrate the myth of male incompetence. When I am dismissively pushed aside with the label that I am "such a man" I constantly fail to look her square in the eye and declare "Damn right!"

Yeah, I always realize too late that the correct way to handle the situation was to strut around and belch in victory. But I don't. Time after time I face the same situation, like many other men across the great land that are pushed aside simply because they "are such a man." And without the ability to stop ourselves we fire back... "What did I do wrong?!"

And there you have it. We were never told we were wrong. We were never even cast in a negative light. We were called men. Not just men, but men among men. Typical men that represent the entire male gender. Yet when confronted with a situation where we are pushed to the limelight as the essence of all things MAN, we strike a defensive posture and assume we screwed up. We have been conditioned to assume that being called a man is a bad thing. And at the end of the day I looked for the real male bashers among us, the worst one was me.

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