Sunday, February 8, 2009

Epic Fail At Side Bar Bling

Well it is official. I can't say it was a total surprise,because I noticed around 5:00 p.m. yesterday there was a shocking lack of concession email from the competition for the 2008 Okie Blogger Awards. Yes, I know it is shallow and empty but I want some bling to hang on my side bar that says I am better than every body else. Is THAT too much to ask for? ...and it has to be from somebody else, not something I make up or even make up and claim my mom did it. I mean REAL appreciation.

So, I kind of went all in for the Okie Blog Award. You know, even my best friends tell me I am the ONLY liberal they are willing to call friends, and they always seem to require copious amounts of alcohol whenever I am invited over. But still, according to the political temperature of my home state, THEY are more representative of the general population than I. So... maybe I sold out a little bit in my quest for power.

One of the top issues in this state is abortion. You can be a multi-generational murderer and rapist and still get elected around here if your opponent thinks women should have the right to choose an abortion. So, for political appeasement I clearly stated I was against abortion, while in truth my personal beliefs are greatly different. See, I am a parent and a professional educator. I not only think it is OK to kill developing fetuses, I contend we should retain the right to kill kids up until they are 12-14 just for pissing us off.

Then there is the issue of Gitmo. I think I messed up and accidentally outed the now defunct Hedonistic Resort for celebrities. It is possible that the photo of me in front of a Cub Scout troop, announcing I planned on spending my first six months as the state representative of Okie bloggers delving deep into all of the excesses Gitmo has to offer, MIGHT have had a negative impact on my bid for funniest blogger.

The end result is, even trying to fake it, trying to go negative and attacking wonderful people that are "to die for funny" like Redneck Diva and Monty at the Daily Bitch, and eventually even Georgie, was just not my nature. Diva never said she wished Sam Bradford would turn pro, Monty never said only poor parents spank children and Georgie never said she wanted to have my baby out of wedlock... well, not yet anyway.

At first I will admit it stung, this realization that other Okie Bloggers don't find me funny. And I have to tell you I brought my A game to this event. Tagamilf, New T-Shirts, awful sponsorships and eventually Tagamilf Silver. That's about as funny as I can get so I have no excuses other than the funniest person won. Georgie and The Lost Ogle are funny and deserve your readership and appreciation. Congratulations to you both and thank you Mike for holding the competition that I lost again this year.

Now, as I pick myself up and dust off this epic failure that happened in front of all my friends and reader. The big question is, how do I get some Side Bar Bling? I need the bling so new readers will know they are a quality blog and not some stupid loser blog that can't even win a little state blogger award. :::ahem::: Any ideas? Suggestions...? Awards I don't actually have to work towards?


♥georgie♥ said...

OMGosh O can I call you O cause your name is hard to spell but I will try Opprobrious...

okay I am 100%LMAO @ having a baby out of wedlock...we would have to adopt cuz I have been neutered or is it spayed at any rate...

I think you are funny as hell and I bet if on Fat Tuesday you flash the idabel girls they will make you a sash with something witty pasted on it...then you can hang it on your sidebar...just saying those girls rock!

Thanks for the Congrats...I was among GREAT company and your only as good as your competition right?

The Favorite Cousin said...

Ahhhh, I am sorry your blog did not win. Considering the trustworthy supporters like O.J. and Exxon, who promote you and whose words we can trust...I am SHOCKED you did not win. SHOCKED. Boy is O.J. going to be pissed when he hears about this. We can't all be like him and achieve our goal on the first attempt! There will be other chances!
Keep your blog up!
(get it...get it!?!)

Cris said...

Georgie: Hmm..? Fat Tuesday Flashing hmmm?

Lester: As long as they continue to make Tagamilk Silver I will continue to try to get it. I promise.

Redneck Diva said...

All that talking smack at each other backfired, didn't it? I really thought we had something going. Next year, I think we should totally drag Georgie in with us. MUAH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!

And for what it's worth...I think you're funny and even though you didn't ask, I wouldn't have your baby out of wedlock either. But don't take it too personal - I won't have my husband's babies any more either. And we're locked in the wed and everything. I'm just giving my uterus a permanent vacation. But you're still funny.

Cris said...

Diva: Do you mind If I quote you on that? BAHAHAHAHA

Redneck Diva said...

Oh you know you were gonna quote me anyway, with or without permission! :-)