Thursday, February 12, 2009

I Blog Everyday

So there we were. Five highly respected professionals out for dinner after a day of conferencing in Norman, Oklahoma. We went to the restaurant of choice for discriminating conference goers, Outback Steakhouse. Yes there was some singing of the jingle on the drive over.

So there we were discussing the need to improve the services in our state when one of the others went off on a rant about the need to go to the internet and blog. There was a need to learn about this blogging technology and make use of it so we can inform people of how to create better health and make a better state.

And that's when I outted myself. I betrayed the lesson of Dooce, who taught us to never let work and blog collide or you will end up really famous and making more money than you ever dreamed possible in your real job. Yeah, I do not want to fuck up like her! Yet I clearly heard ME tell those other four respected professionals, "I blog every day."

There was stunned silence. "You do?"

"Cris! Why don't I know about this? I would read you!"

"Yes." I admitted. "I was even just recently voted to be not the funniest blog in Oklahoma."

"I think your funny!" exclaimed my friend who only knows me in a professional sense and maybe have been saying that as an insult.

"I would have voted for you!" said another who had just finished her second martini and was shifting her bra around in preparation to finding company for her lonely night's stay in an out of town motel where nobody knows her name.

"What do you mean you were not voted the funniest blog in Oklahoma?" was a reasonable question from some dude at a nearby table who was either eves dropping or hinting we were too freakin loud.

So I explained, "Look I don't tell people I work with about blogging because that's how you get fired. But I blog every day."

So there I was, a short, fat, middle-aged man with failing eye sight and lacking the respect of my peers. Almost as if at the same instant they all had the same realization and they nodded at me politely while deciding none of them were near nerdy enough to ever be bloggers.

Yup that's me. A dream killer.


whall said...

I'm shocked to hear you're not funny.

Cris said...

Dude I know! Me too!! I freakin crack me up, what's the deal with everybody else?

Redneck Diva said...

Next thing you know we'll all be using the word "opprobed" as often as we use "dooced". Get ready.

And frankly, getting opprobed sounds like something fun anyway. Especially in an out of town motel where nobody knows your name.

Cris said...

Dive: Heh heh Opprobed. Where can I sign up?