Saturday, October 25, 2008

6 Days Til Halloween

Did you know we are going to a party this Halloween? Many many years ago Mrs. Cris and I decided to get married. I wanted to get married on Halloween. I thought it would be funny. You know.. what's the spookiest day of the year? The day I got married! Hahaha.

Yeah Mrs. Cris didn't think it any funnier than you just did. So, in spite of my brilliant idea we did not get married on All Hallows Eve, but on Valentine's Day instead. Years later I was told by some really cool neighbors that Halloween was the WORST day ever to get married. They never got to celebrate an anniversary because they were always catering to their children or grandchildren and nobody care about a celebrating a wedding on the day everybody gets free candy!! So I chalked it up to a bad idea I had and forgot about it. The last chance we had to really celebrate the night that makes you fear what goes bump in the night.

So this Halloween my Uncle will celebrate his 10th wedding anniversary. He will rent out a community building, hire a DJ, gather all his friends and family and take the kids to the haunted house across the street. I think it's kind of cool we both saw the humor in that idea for a wedding night.

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