Sunday, October 19, 2008

Yep there have been a few changes made since you were here last time. I ditched the Pink for the remainder of the month. It's not that I don't care about hooters, but come on, we were talking about sick hooters and frankly, I like Halloween more than sick boobs. Maybe that's just me.

So, I still have the Save the Hooters T-shirt available for sale on the side bar, and all proceeds will be carefully spent supporting those bouncy perky wonders at the nearest titty bar. Trust me! Oh yeah, and those T-shirts make a wonderful Halloween costume as it makes it look like you have a pair! Don't be cheap, I am sure the best thing to do in a floundering economy is to spend spend spend.

I love Fall and Halloween and October. The bad thing is this is ALWAYS my busiest month of the year. Things start coming at me so fast that by the time I look up the month is over. I need to get outside and enjoy the cool weather. I need to feel the sun on my face as it zooms away for the winter. Then again, football is on TV.. so we all have our priorities.

OH yeah, Jr. is in AG class and his school already sent him out to strong arm family and neighbors into buying Blue Gold meat products. If you don't know what Blue Gold Meat products are, you need to start hanging out around your rural high schools and try to make friends with the little boys in the blue jackets. Maybe you can score you some sausage or bacon. Tonight, I cooked up some of the 20 or so pounds of Bacon we were forced to buy so my son MIGHT win a $75 blue jacket. (He didn't.. now I have a freezer full of bacon and still have to buy a jacket) And let me tell you something. Love was in the air as I made that bacon. I mean my daughter came out of her room and told me she LOVED me as she ate the first pan full. My wife came out of her weekend nap and told me she LOVED me as she ate my second pan full. Jr came out of the video game room and I swatted his damn hand with a hot greasy spatula so I could make me a bacon and cheese sandwich.

mmmmmmmm all is good with the world. Wish they sold Blue Gold Bacon when Tomatoes are ripe.

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Lisa said...

Don't know about their bacon, but their sausage is to die for.

hmmm sausage.. die...could there be a connection there?