Friday, October 24, 2008

I Have the CRUD

Yup I came down with it at the first of the week. My cousin, whom I visited last weekend said he has the same stuff. Whatever it is, it lines your lungs and burns then starts breaking loose so you cough it out in great globs. Because of decorum I will not mention they are great green globs, because that's just too damn gross for a gentleman to talk about, right?

So I go into work late yesterday and the Grants manager tells me to get the hell back home and away from her before I make her and the rest of the office sick. Then she tells me to not even come in today either. Kind of made feel like I was handling this crud business pretty well. Of course I still worked the remainder of the afternoon., but the Grants Manager called my night time meeting people and told them she was not allowing me to work while sick. She said if she didn't call, she knew I would be there in spite of how I looked. ..... Thanks... I think.

So today I stayed in the house. I took out the lavatory sink in the kid's bathroom and replaced the faucet by lunch. Then I took some meds and slept all afternoon. Then my son come home and he had a party I made him move a time or two due to Dad's hospital thing, so we went out and cut some firewood and got a good blaze going and the little gathering grew to my daughter's friends and my Mom came out and we all roasted hot dogs over a camp fire and made smores. The kids got bored and went inside to watch a DVD while Mrs. Cris and I sat out and cuddled and watched the fire die out. And NO she didn't get so turned on she wanted to "DO IT" right there in the dark in the yard. ....And YES I did ask.

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