Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Race Card

OK let's talk about this for a second. You know, I keep hearing more and more that, "If that Obama gets elected, the Blacks are going to take over! They will be everywhere!" This is said with a level of fear and disgust that absolutely mystifies me, and it probably needs to be discussed.

I am not talking about rampant rumors about a Presidential candidate like the rumors that Obama is Muslim and McCain fondles little boys. Those are sheer speculation based on things like the sound of a man's name or the pictures of wrinkled and liver spotted hands on tender pre-pubscent naughty parts in a Republican public restroom. The thing is, this is not real proof. Speculation is speculation and nothing more until you see real proof.

No, what bothers me is there is a certain age group out there that detests a man, regardless of brilliance or promise, based completely on the color of his skin. I don't understand it! Hitler was a short white man with bad facial hair and a comb over. But I can promise you not all of us that fit that description are bent on World domination nor have one testicle. Sequoya wore a traditional turban, but the most famous of the Cherokees was not a terrorist. Nor are all Native Americans brilliant (just us Cherokees) so stereotyping is ridiculous.

I don't need to show a run down of brilliant black men that have changed the world from Eli Whitney, to Jim Brown to Euclid and Homer. Sheesh, according to the Discovery channel Jesus might have been a black man and it's a pretty safe bet Adam and Eve had a little color since the oldest fossils seem to be all in the African areas.

But let's look at the fear. The blacks will take over the country. You mean like the gangster rappers took over the music business? You really think Snoop Doggy Dog might be the next Secretary of State? You think when you next see an Obama Presidential motorcade there's gunna be a drive by shooting? Really??

Well, you just listen to old Uncle Cris on this one my frightened little friend. You know how Clarence said in "It's a Wonderful Life" that every time you hear a bell, another angel gets his wings? I am almost just as certain that every time you say "If Obama gets elected the blacks are going to take over" three more people will decide to vote against McCain just to prove to you that there is nothing to fear. Besides, I have been to Washington. I have stood outside the fence surrounding the Whitehouse. Bubba, that place is ALREADY full of black people! And really are black people any worse than what's been in control for the past eight years? You know I am talking about the low life, scum sucking dredge of life... Texans. And we all know they cheat at football to get to be ranked #1. The bastards.

So I know you are scared. There is the name, there is the skin color and the only competition is some crazy white guy that can't keep his hands off the little boys. Yes, John McCain is the final result of decades of plastic surgery and is in truth... Michael Jackson! And if you elect him, we will have white, black people running the country and moonwalking our ass into a nuclear war!!


Avitable said...

My uncle actually said "Adam, you don't want our President to be a black guy, do you?"

I just don't understand that type of ignorance.

Cris said...

Thank you. I feel I am in good company in my lack of understanding. I am sure some of it is a generational thing. We are products of segregation.

Lisa said...

Of course some of it is generational. Especially those of us raised by parents who came up during Jim Crow days.

What I think what people REALLY fear is the socialism that Obama represents. That he wants to "share the wealth".. to me that means he wants to take away what I have rightfully earned and give it to someone else. Good Grief. Has No one read Ayn Rand. Atlas Shrugged.

Maybe I should start a trend of saying "Who is John Gault". Sad thing is too many people would not understand.

We already have too much of an entitlement culture. I fear that it will only get worse in the next few years.

Cris said...

Yeah really! John Gault! The guy that discovered irritating sores where people were rubbed too hard. As in, "That boy's a walkin' funny 'casue he's got the Gault." or "WooWeee I'm Gaulted so bad my nads feel like they are a-fire!"

Lisa, one of the many reasons I love you so much is because of the way you drop smart nuggets all over my blog. Like Jim Crow laws. How many people know that back int he 1920s President Jim Hoover told all the poor people they didn't need to starve when they could always eat crow. This seemed to be take too seriously by Congress who then passed a law that all crow served for food consumption had to be named Jim, after the President. It was kind of their way of embarrassing him.

In the next election, noted Socialist Frankie Roosevelt, promised a Chicken in every pot. The American people, sick from eating carrion voted for the New Deal and elected Roosevelt every year til the day he died.

I am always happy to get a chance to show off my exhaustive knowledge of historical facts. Thank you.

Lisa said...

LOL I wonder how many people will read that response and BELIEVE that Hoover created the Jim Crow name of segregation/seperate but equal laws (and worse before hand).

As the world changes and we grow older.. it's kinda hard to change with it. I wonder at how difficult my parents would have with what we are faced with today. And my grandparents would just not believe it. My grands were AFRAID of "colored" folk.

I wonder if I should just blog on this instead. Nah.. be too political and I don't like to talk politics on my blog. But maybe I will anyway, cause I do have a couple of interesting annecdotes to tell.

Lisa said...

Ever read the "Little House" books where one year the crows are so bad and eat their crops and they end up eating crow?

They joke about it in the book.. so the phrase eating crow was way back b4 Hoover.

Cris said...

ok ok ok but I DO know that Hoover sucked so much as a President they named a vacuum cleaner after him!