Thursday, October 30, 2008

Whatt'll Ya Do On Wednesday?

So Whatcha gunna do when you get up Wednesday and it turns out like four years ago? What the hell will you do if every exit poll shows Obama won but the vote tally goes to the other guy? What will you do when the guy who has trailed behind in all of the political polls all year long pulls out a majority win?

Will you buy the argument that it was the "race" factor? Will you take it like a battered and freshly back-handed bitch and accept that polls are not reliable? Will you go back to work? Will you go back to paying your taxes? Will you accept what you hear in spite of what you feel to be true... again?

Four years ago there was an election where the least popular President in the history of the United States pulled off a stunning victory in spite of exit polls. DO you remember what an exit poll is? That's where a dude with a clip board stands outside the voting booth and asked people AFTER they voted -- "Who did you vote for?" And in the last election a huge majority of the exit polls said they voted for John Kerry. Why would they lie? Yet the voting machines, many of them sold by the Diebold Company, said Dubya was the big winner. And as a result, we all lost. We lost a lot.

We have all heard the stories. The machines screwed up. There were screw up for both sides. But it seems whenever a screw up happened that favored one side or the other it ALWAYS favored Bush. So many claimed the elections were fixed. What will you believe on Wednesday?

This year we have a guy who is winning on the fund raising battle, he is winning on the popularity battle and I will bet he will win the exit poll battle. So what the hell are you going to do on Wednesday if the media and all involved say the other guy won? I really mean this, do you have a plan on what you will do on Wednesday if the rug is yanked out from under an entire nation again?

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